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Ryokan Suehirokan

Ryokan Suehirokan Our ryokan is in the center of downtown, 3-minute walk from Miyako Station, so it is the best place to go around the sightseeing spots, Jodogahama Beach, the Fish and Vegetable Market, the Sea Arena etc. It is also conveniently located for shopping such as souvenirs and others because of being in the shopping street of Mitako.

7-27 Suehirocho Miyako 027-0084
10 cars 1 bus
IN : 15:00
OUT : 10:00
\5,170~ (member of YH) \5,770~ (general guest)
\7,350~ (per night with 2 meals)
※Please call us for the charges for a group.
56 persons
The shower room is available for 24 hours.
While our Ryokan is in the shopping street, it is filled with calm and relaxing atmosphere. We welcome you with local fresh seafood and vegetables.
Name:Ryokan Suehirokan