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Yuttarikan At Yuttarikan, you can hear harmony of the murmuring of the Hei-gawa River, the music of birds and the soft breeze and you can enjoy a calm and relaxed time in it. Please enjoy the bounties of the river and the mountains for your dinner. We have five kinds of bathes and saunas such as a large spa which has a Japanese style and a western style, an electric bath, a high temperature bath and a whirlpool bath etc. There are a camp site, a gym, a workshop for learning by doing and so on, so you can enjoy them with your family. We always welcome you.

8-53 Moichi Miyako 028-2101
100 cars (for free)
IN : 15:00
OUT : 10:00
Economy plan \7,480 (per night with 2 meals)
Seasonal dishes plan \8,250 (per night with 2 meals)
Calm and Relax plan \9,900 (per night with 2 meals)
30 persons 9 rooms (6 Japanese styles 3 western styles)
・day trip for bathing only
Charge Adults \500 Children \100 Kindergarteners and under Free of charge
Bathing charges are at half on 26 every month.