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Whole Food Store Sekikawa

Whole Food Store Sekikawa It takes only a few minutes walk from Miyako Station and next to Quatre Department Store. We are a supermarket styled retail store of various food. You can get various kinds of food at our store and our domestic delivery service is available. Our fruits basket service for your rites and Buddhist rites is also available.

Useful Information

We are a member of Miyako-stamp Association, organized by various kinds of shops in Miyako district and provides 'Hamagiku shopping points card' according to the total amount of your shopping. As a member of this association, we often have a bargain sale of the shopping points with 3~5 times as usual.

3-32 Sakaecho Miyako 027-0076
10 cars (for free)
Only New Year’s Day
Name:Whole Food Store Sekikawa