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Konari-en Our shop is on the center of the main shopping street of Miyako, 'Suehirocho-shotengai'.
We have various kinds of our original blended green tea, adhered to a high temperature heating for their fine aromatic and delicate taste. We also have kinds of edible types of seaweed with rich flavour of the Sanriku-kaigan coastline, for example, 'Yaki-matsumo' , 'Yaki-nori' and so on. ※ 'Yaki-matsumo' and 'Yaki-nori' are toasted edible seaweed. The local people's favorite taste in the Sanrihu-kaigan coastal region for a long time.

Our Recommendation

We toast matsumo and nori seaweed in our factory. Especially, we get matsumo seaweed from the fishermen directly, so you can enjoy the seaweeds of top quality and get them for the lower prices. Our special green tea, 'Meiga-cha' , made of 100% Shizuoka-cha, well known as high quality green tea produced in Shizuoka prefecture, is a high quality product you can get only at our shop.

Main Shop 1-28 Suehirocho Miyako 027-0089
Suehirocho Branch 2-11 Suehirocho Miyako 027-0084
Main Shop 5 cars Suehirocho Branch 3 cars
the New Year’s Day only