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Yamaguchi-shoten Co., Ltd.

Yamaguchi-shoten Co., Ltd. Our shop is in Suehirocho, downtown of Miyako, and a 2-minute walk from Miyako Station.
We have representative marine processed products of Sanriku-kaigan Coast such as wakame (editable brown seaweeds), yaki-uni (sea urchin eggs dried on fire), shio-uni (sea urchin eggs preserved with salt) and so on.
We also have various kinds of processed seafood and items for present.

7-30 Suehirocho Miyako 027-0084
We will give a parking free ticket to the guest who paid more than \2,000 in our shop.
8:00~19:00 (9:00~19:00 on Sundays)
Only on New Year’s Day
Domestic courier service of chilled and frozen seafood is available. For example, fresh scallops, fresh fish and dried fish and so on.
Name:Yamaguchi-shoten Co., Ltd.