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the Roadway Station Kuzakai-kogen Highlands

When you are driving on Route 106 to the east and near the highlands, you will see our building and Mt. Kabuto-myuzin-dake in the background. We supply information about sightseeing, transportation at the window of the Information Center and have a restaurant, "Beef Village Kuzakai", that serves Iwate beef and "Kimchi-Rahmen", Chinese noodles with Korean pickles in soup.. We call our kimchi "Yujho-Kimchi" and use them in "Kimchi-Rahmen". We also have a souvenir shop that has various special products around here.

2-424-2 Tashiro Kadoma Miyako
It is a 40-minute drive from Morioka train station.
Opening Hours 10:00~19:00 (until 18:30 from November to March/extended for 30 minutes on Saturdays and public holidays)
Name:Beef Village Kuzakai restaurant