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Yadorigi & Kuromori-kagura Exhibition Room (Yamaguchi Community Center)

Yadorigi Exhibition Room

※ kagura = A traditional Japanese sacred dance and music. It tells us Japanese historical folklore for hundreds of years.

Yadorigi Exhibition Room We would like to hand down the story of Zenbei Ogasawara's checkered career and a novel entitled'Yadorigi'.
Reopened Yadorigi exhibition room in Yamaguchi community center was once at a corner in the lot of Jiganji, Zenbei's family temple, as a memorial hall.

Thanks to his bereaved family, his personal effects, pictures and letters from Roka Tokutomi are displayed here. They all have very intresting historical and literary value.

Roka Tokutomi, well known as a writer of novels such as 'Hototogisu', published a novel 'Yadorigi' in 1909.
Roka wrote the life of the main character, Ryohei Shinihara, who killed himself in his youth, at the age of 27.
The book became a hot topic in those days because of featuring a character recognizable as General Nogi.

Roka said, "Ryohei Shinohara in Rikuchu district is the true writer." in a preface of this book.
To tell the truth, the character in this book, Ryohei, was a real person, Zenbei Ogasawara, lived in Yamagichi village (yamaguchi Miyako).
Zenbei wrote down his whole life in his 40 notebooks and asked Roka, a popular writer of those days, to novelize them.

Roka arranged and added to the notebooks and finished a novel 'Yadorigi' .

Kuromori-kagura Exhibition Room

The Kagura team travels around the coastal region from January to February for performing their traditional sacred dance and music. It is said that the ways of the Old Shinto, nature worship of old Japanese, are well preserved in Kuromori-kagura. It has been designated as a National Important Intangible Cultural Asset.

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Closed : Mondays
Opening Hours : 9:00~17:00
Admission Fee : Free Entry

A map from Miyako train station is available.


1-3-14 Yamaguchi Miyako
The capacity of the parking lot is 10 cars.
Free Entry
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