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Rosoku-iwa Rock

Rosoku iwa Rock Rosoku-iwa Rock is a tower, which is 40m high, 7m wide at the top part and 3m wide at the lower part. It stands on in Osawakaigan Beach, located in the north of Jodogahama Beach.
It was made of igneous rock breaking through the aqueous rock and it is a rare case that you can see the whole dike.
※ You cannot approach it from the shore.

12-1 Kuwagasaki Miyako ※ You cannot approach it from the shore.
You can see it only from the sea. Please take the sightseeing boat tour, Jodogahama shima-meguri (40-minute round-trip-tour).
It has been designated as a national natural treasure on September 7, 1939.