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Shiofuki-ana (the opening spouting water)

Shiofuki-ana It is located on the shore the north of Jpdogahama Beach, between Hide-shima area and Kyukamura-Rikuchu-Miyako(an accommodation for tourists). The lower part of it is a spindle shaped sea cave passing through into the opening of the rock(65 cm wide and 2.5 m length in maximum).
See the beautiful spray of water as waves come rolling into it, creating enormous water pressure. The huge column of water can reach heights of 30 meters when the sea is rough.

Kuwagasaki Miyako
It takes 25 minutes by bus(to Kyukamura) from Miyako train station, get off at the Entrance of Shiofuki-ana Bus Stop and about a 20-minute walk afterward.
The capacity of the Parking Lot is 20 cars. (available for sightseeing buses)
It has been designated as a national natural treasure on September 7, 1939.