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Anegasaki Cape

Anegasaki Cape "Anegasaki Cape" with a vertical cliff, about 60 m height, is located near Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako, an accommodation for tourists. The saw-tooth-shaped coast line has been formed by the erosion of sea waves for a long time. It has many tunnels and caves.
This cape is a breeding place of black-tailed gulls and sea cormorants and has a nature trail, 1.5km around, so you can enjoy watching plants and animals through the year.
The trail , goes to Shiofuki-ana, is 2.3 km distance and about an hour to walk each way from Kyukamura.

Saki-Kuwagasaki Miyako
It takes 27 minutes by bus(to Kyukamura) from Miyako train station and get off at the Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako Bus Stop.
You can park the car on the parking lot of Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako for free and it’s capacity is 150 cars.
Anegasaki Observatory
It is a 3-minute walk from Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako.

Jodogahama Observatory
It is a 6-minute walk from Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako

Hamanasu Observatory
It is a 20-minute walk from Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako