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San-noh-iwa Rock

San-noh-iwa Rock These mysterious rocks are said to have formed in the Cretaceous Period, approximately 100 million years ago. They are known as O-iwa (the male rock) which is 50 meters high, Me-iwa (the female rock) and Taiko-iwa (the drum rock) which stand on both sides of O-iwa. You will be overpowered by the grandeur of the view from the base of the rock.

Aosari Tro Miyako
It takes 30 minutes to drive from Miyako train station.
It takes 5 minutes to drive from Sanriku Railroad Line Taro Station.
The capacity of the parking lot is 150 cars. (available for sightseeing buses)
It has been designated as a prefectural natural treasure on September 4, 1992.
(in a field of geology and mineralogy)