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Todogasaki Cape

Todogasaki Cape At longitude 142 degrees 4 minutes 21 seconds East, Todogasaki Cape is located the easternmost point of Honshu. The lighthouse on this cape was built in March 1902 and rebuilt in June 1950 because of having had been broken by the World War Ⅱ. It is 33.72 meters tall.
Here you may enjoy the splendid view of the earliest sunrise in Honshu. We are sure that the open view of the ocean makes you feel the round horizon.
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The Certificate of visit to the easternmost point of Honshu

After you visit here, you can receive "The Certificate of visit to the easternmost point of Honshu" for 100 JPY. The selling windows are as follows.

Selling Windows Address Opening Hours Telephone Number
Area Code : 0913
The General Tourism Information Bureau in the Miyako Station Square 1-1-80 Miyamachi 9:00~17:00 62-3574
The Miyako Tourism Association (in Jodogahama Rest House) Jodogahama 8:30~17:00 62-3534
Roadway Station: Sea-topia Naado 1-20 Rinkodori 9:00~18:00 71-3100
Miyako Central Hotel Kumatasu 2-5 Aramachi 7:00~22:00 64-2121
Miyako Hotel Sawadaya 4-1 Aramachi 7:00~22:00 62-7711
Jodogahama Park Hotel 32-4 Hitachihamacho 7:00~22:00 62-2321
Hotel Ohmiya 1-1-18 Sokei 7:00~22:00 62-3660
Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako 18-25-3 Sakikuwagasaki 7:00~22:00 62-9911
The Commerce and Tourism Section of Miyako 129-2 Tategamori Taro 8:30~17:00 87-2973
The Branch of Miyako Municipal Office 1-61 Omoe 8:30~17:00 68-2111

9 Ohira Omoe Miyako
It takes about 60 minutes to drive from Miyako train station to Aneyoshi Campsite and about a 60-minute walk afterward.
You can park the car on the parking lot of Aneyoshi Campsite for free.