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Mt. Junishizan

十二神山 There had been the thick primary broadleaf forests such as "Colonies of Beech and Sasamorpha borealis, a species of bamboo grass unique to Japan", in our north-eastern parts of Japan in the ancient times.
The Mt. Junishinzan Forest for Nature Observation and Education is said one of the most natural forests and is located at the foot of Mt. Junishinzan in the center of Omoehanto peninsula. There are so many oaks and walnut trees which is 150-300 years old and a kind of zelkova and horse-chestnut trees which are over 1 m across. Lots of plants and animals lives there.
"Colonies of Beech and Sasamorpha borealis" are the only remains as the typical natural forest in the cool temperate zone of the Pacific coast in Japan.

Omoe Miyako
It takes 60 minutes by bus from Miyako train station, get off the Shizen-Kansatsu-Kyuiku-Rin, the forest for natural observation and education, Bus Stop and about a 80-minute walk afterward.

It takes 70 minutes to drive from Miyako train station.