We supply local dishes, fish mainly, and donburimono, a bowl of something delicious with rice.
There is a 'Robata (the fireside)' in our shop and you can taste something delicious grilled on coals.
In the center of our shop, various fish such as 'hirame (flounders)', 'karei (righteye lounders)', 'soi (a kind of rockfish)' etc, are swimming in a large ikesu (fish preserve). You can also see surumeika (Japanese common squid) swimming in it from July to late September. We also sell boxed lunches with full of seafood at a kiosk in Miyako Station.

We always welcome you with tasty sake and fresh seafood dishes. Come and try our dishes!

3-6-43 Odori Miyako 027-0083
Please park your car on a toll motor pool, but we will give a 1-hour charge free ticket to the guest who paid more than \2,000 for eating and drinking in our shop.
(from April to October) 11:30~14:00 17:30~21:30
(from November to March) 11:30~13:30 17:00~21:30
No scheduled holidays