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Gyosaitei Sumiyoshi

You can taste the best of fresh seafood caught in the morning of the day here at Gyosaitei Sumiyoshi.

Our lunch menu lists 'Tenkomori (full of) Rahmen', 'Tenkomori-don' and so on.
In the evening, Our shop is changed to the Japanese style pub and you can enjoy 'Our chef's recommendation today' and many kinds of local sake in Iwate.

We are ready to accept your party (50 persons and under) within your budget. Please call us

2-10 Sakaecho Miyako 027-0076
A 30-second walk from Miyako Station
Park the toll public motor pool of Miyako City, please. We will give a discount ticket to the guest who paid more than \2,000 for eating and drinking in our shop.
Daytime 10:30~14:00
Nighttime 17:00~22:00
No scheduled holidays
Name:Gyosaitei Sumiyoshi